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Business, taken personally.

Banking and Finance.

Investing expert advice to support your business finance.

In an ever evolving world, potential sources of finance are now more diverse than ever, from mainstream primary debt providers to disruptive FinTech solutions.

Regardless of complexity,  our lawyers have the experience and expertise to guide you through the potential solutions.

Finance and cash availability is a fundamental element of business; without robust financial institutions and the availability of funds, global economic performance would be poor. As financial markets have evolved in the world following the financial crisis, so too have the sources of funding available to businesses not only in the debt markets but in equity markets too.

Our experience in the marketplace is vast and unrivalled. Recognising the cornerstone role that banking and finance play to business, this too is a fundamental sector focus for our own business. As leading corporate lawyers we have acted on behalf of corporate clients as borrower, large institutional lenders, private equity providers and FinTech equity crowdfunding platforms, amongst others, each in multi-million pounds facilities and/or investments as well as much smaller facilities.

By drawing on their considerable experience, our lawyers ensure the advice they give is delivered in as straightforward a manner as possible meaning what is often an extremely complex area can be navigated as simply as possible but with a clear understanding of the risks and complexities of the financial proposal at hand.

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