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Within the changing climate of the energy sector, you need a legal expert that can set the pace.

Demand for energy continues to grow at an extraordinary rate.

This, combined with the moral considerations associated with this industry, means those involved in energy are seeking guidance from advisors with in-depth and specific knowledge in this fast paced and innovative sector.

The energy sector is renowned for relentless complexity. The combination of high demand and huge pressure to harness new innovation makes this industry one of the most important and dynamic in the modern world. This also however makes it one of the most challenging, a challenge that our energy team relish to overcome on a daily basis.

Energy affects us all meaning this sector carries a huge responsibility to make sure things are done right, a duty that means getting specific, detailed and pragmatic legal advice has never been more important.

We provide cutting edge advice on all aspects of law affecting the energy sector representing a huge range of both domestic and international organisations from small start-ups to SMEs to large internationally renowned companies. Our clients operate in all levels of the supply chain and in a wide range of markets including oil and gas, renewables, nuclear and many more.

Services within this sector

Commercial Contracts

Energy sector contracts are often hugely varied and infinitely complex requiring advisors who know how to handle them.


The introduction of new regulation and changing incentive schemes mean organisations in the energy sector need their advisors to be up to speed with the latest developments.


From employees to consultants, regardless of the method used to engage people in the sector, specific advice is needed to ensure that the relevant regulations are complied with and the implications of the relationship understood.


Funding an energy project brings with it a host of legal and commercial considerations that require expert guidance from those who are well versed in this area.

Property and Construction

Organisations in the energy sector require industry specific advice with regards to property law and construction due to the invariably unique nature of energy projects.


Energy is one of the most active sectors in today’s M&A market and whether you are buying or selling, the right advice is needed to get the deal done.


“Environmental regulation is a minefield”, a statement that is never more applicable than to the energy sector. Expert advice is needed to guide your business through and ensure it does not fall foul.

We have one thing in common with all our clients, the desire to be the best we can be.