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Business, taken personally.

Manufacturing & Engineering.

We provide our clients with the legal support that is not only pragmatic and commercial but is also sector specific.

As Endeavour Partnership is itself a ‘smoggy’ based in the industrial heartland that is the Tees Valley, we have huge experience of and expertise in dealing with clients in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel, other manufacturing and engineering industries not only in the Tees Valley but throughout the UK and the rest of the world.

We are accordingly very much ‘at home’ when dealing with manufacturing and engineering clients whose businesses we well understand and prioritise meeting their legal needs.

We provide our manufacturing and engineering clients with legal support that is not only pragmatic and commercial but is also sector specific, so that it includes, by way of example: negotiating manufacturing and supply contracts and manufacturing facility construction contracts, helping them to protect, exploit and defend their IP; helping them to resolve their disputes which are often of high value and/or complex; and dealing with industrial heritage land issues.

Our clients include not only owner managed businesses but also multinational companies who operate throughout the world; our largest client in this sector is a US company based in Portland, Oregon.

Not only do we provide sector specific advice and assistance but also a full range of general legal services that are equally relevant to the manufacturing and engineering sector.


Services within this sector

Commercial Contracts

Negotiating, drafting and completing all types of commercial contract that are encountered in the manufacturing and engineering sectors including manufacturing and supply contracts, toll manufacturing contracts and contracts for the development and manufacture of new products.


Advising in relation to the negotiation and completion of pre-construction services agreements, JCT and other forms of construction contract for the construction of specialist pharmaceutical and other manufacturing facilities throughout the United Kingdom and resolving disputes arising including by way of negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Land and Buildings

Advising in relation to the acquisition, disposal and management of land, buildings and other structures used for manufacturing and engineering purposes including dealing with all relevant planning, environmental and other regulatory issues.

Intellectual Property

Helping our clients to create, protect and/or exploit their intellectual property and defending them if they are accused of being breach of someone else’s intellectual property.


Providing a ‘full service’ employment law offering including: a telephone response help-line; reviewing and up-dating standard employment contracts, policies and procedures; advising in relation to grievance and disciplinary issues; dealings with unions; advising in relation to decisions to take sanctions or dismiss; and providing representation at employment tribunals and appeal hearings.

Dispute Resolution

Dealing with all types of disputes that manufacturing and engineering businesses are likely to face including simple debt enforcement actions, construction disputes, intellectual property claims or other commercial disputes including those which are of high value and/or complex.

Company Secretarial Services

Providing a full range of company secretarial services including on incorporation, on-going compliance service and bespoke company law advice.